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Adam Fincik
3 min readApr 8, 2020

As you are absolutely aware by now, the COVID-19 crisis has swept the globe and caused a deviation from normalcy that we haven’t seen in this country in most of our lifetimes. Businesses are shuttering their doors — some potentially permanently — as many are struggling to adapt to a crisis that has extended beyond healthcare and into economic and political turmoil.

Times like this feel daunting, in more ways than one. Not only are many worried about their own health and that of their family and friends, but for job security and safety for their entire community. How can someone make a difference in a situation like this — when rules and regulations are put in place to keep people separated and properly distanced?

Give Blood

During full-blown pandemics, one major risk factor becomes overcrowding and under-funding/a dearth of supplies for hospitals. While the has stated that they are confident in their blood supply for the time being, they have also encouraged people to continue donating where at all possible, as it’s difficult to predict shortages in the future.

Limitations and screening measures will be in place for the safety of everyone involved in any blood transfusions. To find out how, when, and where you can give, visit the link

Donate What You Can

This pandemic has caused millions and millions to lose their livelihood during a time when healthcare and life-sustaining costs are both pivotal and skyrocketing. If you are in a position to help out financially, consider donating to a cause like Feeding America , or any small businesses in your area.

Give Your Time

Are you adept with a needle and thread? Maybe you’re in an okay position financially and are finding yourself with ample time to give back. Consider helping out in one of a few ways: creating masks to donate to healthcare workers or volunteering at organizations like Meals on Wheels.

Support Your Local Community

There has been a push in recent years across the country to support small, local businesses. During a perilous time like this, that necessity only grows. As I mentioned previously, many businesses have been forced to close or reduce operations during the crisis. And for many small businesses, this is a burden they likely weren’t anticipating, nor were they prepared for. Help out where you can — place pickup orders from small businesses in your area — buy merchandise, take advantage of Uber Eats’ free-delivery-for-local-businesses offer. Your community will greatly appreciate it.

Stay Safe

The biggest — biggest — single thing you can do to help your community during this time is also the simplest: stay inside when possible. Wash your hands. Educate your children about what’s going on and how they can stay safe.

Crises like these don’t come around often — thankfully — and are phenomenally difficult times. As many have said, we’re in this together.

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