5 of the Best (and Free) Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Adam Fincik
2 min readDec 15, 2020


The holiday season is a time of generosity. We get gifts for our loved ones and plan extravagant meals. We may do a little something extra for our neighbors, mail delivery person, and other people who make our lives better. This year, though, demonstrating our generosity is a bit more challenging, but you can still show the world this valuable and much-needed trait. Here are five of the best and free ways to give back this holiday season.

1. Start at Home

Everything is centered around your home this year, and the holiday season is a great time to go above and beyond. Rather than being generous with your money, be generous with your time. This is what makes memories that are cherished for years to come. Plan special activities for your family, whether they are in your home or far away. Bake and decorate cookies with your children. Play board games with family outside your home with technology. Leave baked goods on your neighbor’s doorstep.

2. Donate Your Flight Miles

You may be traveling less right now, so put your flight miles to good use. Make-A-Wish accepts donations of flight miles that are used for fulfilling the wishes of children. The Wishes in Flight program uses the miles to purchase flights for granting children’s wishes.

3. Get Crafty

Do you knit or sew? Put your talents to work and make something for those in need or as a special gift for people who are working over the holidays, as well as homeless shelters and nursing homes. A lot of people are isolated this holiday season, and they will appreciate your gifts more now than ever.

4. Give to Food Banks

More people are in need of food this holiday season than ever before. This is a great time to go through your cupboards and pantry to find items that you don’t need. Think about how to combine items for food baskets, such as baking ingredients with your favorite recipe. Anything that you can give this holiday season will be put to good use.

5. Donate Holiday Decorations

Many of us have far more holiday decorations than we will ever use. Go through your items and set aside ones that you are willing to donate. Check with local charities to find drop locations or ways to get the items to families who may have little this holiday season. This is one of the best ways to give back this holiday season and for many more to come.

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